About NeuroLibre

NeuroLibre is a preprint server for reproducible data analyses.

What exactly does NeuroLibre offer

NeuroLibre is a curated repository of interactive neuroscience notebooks that seamlessly integrates data, text, code and figures.

Upon acceptance, Notebooks can be freely modified and re-executed through the web by anyone, offering a fully reproducible, “libre” path from data to figures. The review process does not aim at assessing the scientific quality of the submission, but rather that the notebooks are reproducible. Copyright of NeuroLibre papers is retained by submitting authors and accepted papers are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Scope & submission requirements

NeuroLibre submissions are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • NeuroLibre submissions must be based on open source software and data (i.e., have an OSI-approved license).
  • The execution of NeuroLibre submissions must also respect the limitations of the platform, both in terms of data size and execution duration - see our technical documentation for details.

Authors wishing to make a pre-submission enquiry are welcome to open an issue on the NeuroLibre repository.

Cost and Sustainability Model

NeuroLibre is an open-access publishing platform committed to running at minimal costs, with zero publication fees (article processing charges) or subscription fees.

NeuroLibre is an initiative of the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform, with funding from:.

Courtois Foundation